The Benefits of Short Term Loans

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When applying for a loan there are many things that you have to take in to consideration before finalising your big decision. The amount of money is of course extremely important, but so is the length of the loan and the interest.


With short term loans the monthly payments are larger than longer loans. This, however, should not put anyone off applying for one, paying short term loans in instalments larger than a long term loan can actually be extremely beneficial.

I personally believe that short term loans are a very good choice and more often than not make the best financial sense too. Here are 5 great reasons why short term loans are beneficial for everyone.

Less Interest

The longer that you owe money to the bank or company that you loaned money from, the more and more interest you will rack up. When you take out a short term loan you are going to be paying back the money much quicker. This means that there’s much less time for interest to build up.

Reduces the stress levels

If you’re like me then you will always feel stressed when you owe money to someone or to a bank. It really can take an emotional toll on your everyday life. With a short term loan you will have cleared the amount owed much quicker, which means that you will be free from burden and any stress.

Fast Money

More often than not short term loans are very quick to process, giving you access to the money fast. That’s why short term loans are great if you need to have access to your money quickly. It’s always good to check with the loan provider just how quickly they will be able to process your application.

Taking a loan is a big responsibility, but there are always large expenses that require loans. Make sure you shop around to get the best short term loan on the market before making nay commitment.

Have you taken out a short term loan in the past? I would really like to hear about your experiences, stories and tips. Just pop your thoughts down in the comment section below for everyone to read.

Why I Love Short Term Loans


Short term loans are great for life’s little emergencies, especially with things happening when you least expect them to. I think these loans are a great idea and I have come up with just a few of the reasons that they can really help you out in a time of need.

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One of the best things about a short term loan is that it is very very flexible, you are never locked into a specific period of time. You can borrow the money for a flexible period of time and you can even pay it off early if you wish. This is perfect for those that are just looking to bridge the gap between a few extra expenses and their next pay day.


Introduction guide to financial

Of course you could go to a bank, but this would mean that you would need to go through a lengthy application process that may not exactly suit your current situation. Most short term loans can be paid into your account on the same day, so this can be a much better option for people needing money right now.

Smaller minimum amounts

If you went to a bank you would most certainly be looking at a higher minimum amount and if you wanted something lower, they would most likely recommend a credit card to you. These take time to get, as we discussed above. They also have a much higher minimum amount compared to the short term loans, which can be as low as £50! This is perfect for when you just need to little bit extra, rather than £500. This is great because you won’t be tempted to spend an unnecessary amount.


Different criteria

Compared to bank loans and credit cards, short term loans have a much lower criteria, because they are much smaller in size and therefore a much lower risk for lenders. This also means that they can be approved more often and much faster than other loans, as we touched on above.

Unsecured loans

Short term loans are also great because they are not secured loans and do not require you to have collateral in order to get them. This is perfect for those that do not have a huge number of assets and just need some fast cash.

Spread Betting Safely to Boost Your Earnings –

Prudence and intelligence can go a long way towards building a reliable wealth management system. Although experience is an asset gained over time, it still pays to approach concepts such as spread betting with a bit of preparation. How can safe spread betting strategies help to boost your earnings while simultaneously avoiding the inherent risks within this market sector? This question is just as pivotal for advanced investors as it is for the novice trader. There are a few different concepts to address in order to accommodate for all of the potential variables which exist.

The Importance of Narrow Spreads

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Why are narrow spreads so critical? The main reason is that tights relationships between the buy and sell price of a certain asset illustrate that trades will be completed in a quicker time frame. This helps to offset market volatility while investors can execute more positions. Another benefit here is that frequent trades enable individuals to better analyse their current strategies and if necessary, to enact on-the-fly adjustments. With spreads as low as 0.3 points, CMC Markets is keen on addressing the needs of the prudent investor.

Longevity Versus Short-Term Profitability

Each trader will have a different goal when entering into a spread betting position. Some are primarily looking for short-term liquidity. Others could instead adopt a risk-averse strategy and opt for sectors such as indices or commodities. The fact of the matter is that there are viable arguments for each standpoint and the ultimate decision is up to the investor in question. This is why CMC Markets provides over 9,500 unique products to choose from. Even the most discriminating of needs can be met with ease.

Emotionless Trading

Spread betting can be an extremely exciting approach to investing. Due to its relatively fast-paced nature, traders may be overcome with emotions such as joy, fear and even greed. We should still remember that these sentiments can often serve to cloud your judgement. In turn, you might not be able to make objective decisions when they are required the most. Keep emotions out of the picture as much as possible. Avoid trading when you are stressed, tired, anxious or simply not in the “mood”. Successful investors are those who have been able to adopt a more pragmatic point of view.

Use Margins with Caution

There is no doubt that margins can vastly increase your ROI within any given position. This very same scenario tends to gloss over the fact that losses can mount just as quickly. Margin trades should represent only a small portion of your overall strategy and if you are not familiar with their mechanics, it is best to avoid them altogether until a more circumspect education has taken place.

Spread betting is an excellent vehicle if you are looking to maximise profits while still enjoying the flexibility of quick trading cycles. These are some suggestions which can help to point you in the right direction if you are new to this sector.


An Introductory Guide to Financial Markets

An Introductory Guide to Financial Markets

Those looking to begin investing usually fall within two very distinct categories. The first group of people know where they want to invest based on recommendations from someone they know or they read something interesting and would like to get their feet wet in the financial markets. A second group of people have no clue where they would like to invest as they aren’t acquainted with financial markets. The only thing they know is that they have a sum of money they would like to grow, so they are seeking an investment that could make that happen.

This introductory guide to financial markets is only a brief overview of the types of financial markets out there so that you have a starting point. If something strikes your fancy, simply do some in-depth research before placing your money anywhere. Remember, it is possible to really make it big, but it is also possible to sustain a loss. Here are the main financial markets which may interest you.


In laymen’s terms, the bond market is simply a way in which a private or government entity can raise money by ‘selling’ the underlying debt, called ‘bonds’ and an investor can make money from accrued interest when the bond matures. Actually, in simpler terms a bond can be thought of as a loan. One entity needs money to accomplish something so they sell a security to be paid back on or before a pre-stated time. The amount of money paid back to the investor also includes interest at a rate that can either be fixed or variable.

Money Markets

The best way to think of money markets would be to view them as savings accounts with one big difference. The interest rate is higher so you would potentially earn more than from a bank savings account. Money placed in these accounts are invested for very short judi bola terms and the investors each get a share of the earnings. These are generally held to be save but as was seen in the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, they are not totally immune from losses.

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Foreign Exchange (Forex)

The foreign exchange market is actually akin to betting one country’s currency against another. For example, you buy in pairs such as the USD and the GBP (United States Dollar and Great British Pound). It’s all about forecasting which currency is going to gain value against the other that would proportionately lose value. It’s vital to know when to buy, when to sell and when to hedge.


Everyone knows about equities but most people call it the stock market. This is where you can buy an actual piece of the proverbial pie. Unlike securities, derivatives, commodities and futures, for example, you actually own a portion of the underlying equity. If you enter the equities market and buy stocks in a publically traded company, you own a portion, however small, of that company.


Securities actually is a broad market that encompasses other more focused trading instruments such as bonds, derivatives and options. To learn more about securities, it would be advisable to read more about those financial instruments. It is often listed as a separate financial product, so it is wise to understand the concept before delving into those other vehicles of investment.


Options are really pretty interesting. These also are almost like a loan in that you pay money for an option to buy the underlying commodity at some predefined future time. If that ‘equity’ gains in value you win because you have fixed a buying price which may be much lower than it would have been had the equity not gained in value.


Similar to options, a derivatives is also a contract that will get its value based on the performance of the underlying product, or entity. In the UK, spreadbetting is a form of derivative because you are forecasting the performance of one entity against another. For example, you can spread bet on a football game. The amount of winnings you receive is based on the spread between the winning and losing scores. Of course it’s more complicated than that but this is a quick way to understand the underlying principle.


Futures and commodities are also based on market forecasts. Just as the name implies, you project how you feel a specific entity will be performing at a given time. If you project accurately you win, if not, you lose.

As you can see by now, most of these forms of investment don’t entail actually ‘owning’ anything. Most are just paper transactions that earn you money if you are correct in your future projections. It can be fun if you understand the underlying market but it can be risky if you don’t. Before investing in anything, it is important to have a solid understanding of that particular market. The market isn’t forgiving so if you project incorrectly, you could lose your investment. It’s not always easy but it is always exciting – and with the potential to grow your money, it’s something to think about.

Gi2C investigates: How to recognize fake China internship reviews and scams

Gi2C investigates- How to recognize fake China internship reviews and scams

When interning abroad, it’s important for any China intern to do their research and read about several internship providers before making any decisions.  In addition to reading the providers’ websites, you can email or call each provider and see how helpful they are. On top of that, one of the best ways to research an internship provider is by reading past intern reviews.

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Most of these reviews will tell the true story of the intern’s own experience. However, as there is always competition in business, especially in China, there are a lot of fake reviews and fictional stories floating around on the web. It is a scam to write intern reviews yet not be an intern. Some of the fake reviews may be positive as they are designed to make the internship provider look better while some of the reviews are negative or even slanderous and left on competitors’ websites in order to unfairly steal away business. If you are doing your internship research, how are you going to know which internship review is real and which is fake? Here are a few tips:

  1. Go to trustworthy third-party review platforms such as Go Overseas, Help Go Abroad and Go Abroad. They have no tolerance for fake reviews.
  1. Avoid chat forums or self-created blogs that were created in the last year or two to specifically defame some service or provider. These websites will have URL’s that contain the words “scam”, “ripoff”, “fraud”, “warning” and often have lots of ads all over the page or have a no-budget, amateur design that was common of websites in 1999. There are plenty of well-known professional travel, work and internship websites to leave legitimate reviews; however, those with intent to scam or lie online are unable to pass these websites’ stringent posting rules and must instead resort to self-created blogs.
  1. Pay attention to details. If the person on one of those “scam alert” websites is talking about his friend, kid sister, or cousin, then there is no firsthand experience. Have you ever played the Telephone Game? By the end of the game, the original facts have been passed on from person to person and have been completely misconstrued. Only trust first person reviews.
  1. Check out social media. Legit internship providers are on various social media platforms and should be posting frequently. Check to see if they are using real photos, read intern testimonials and contact people there. If an internship provider hasn’t posted in a long time, this is a warning flag.
  1. Ask for a reference. While internship providers don’t necessarily want to bother all of their past interns with frequent calls and emails after they’ve left China, some interns don’t mind helping others. If you’re doubting your internship provider, ask them for a past intern reference and they should be able to connect you with few of their former interns in your area.
  1. Trust video reviews over anything written without pictures. If you are brave enough to make a video review, you are most likely telling the truth. No one wants to put their face with a lie. Videos and photo testimonials have 100% more credibility than any anonymous comment.

Use these tips to help you avoid internship scams and fake reviews while researching your China internship possibilities.  Here at Gi2C, our aim is to be completely transparent and honest and help our interns have the best possible experience in China. If you see any Gi2C scam warnings, have questions about Gi2C reviews, or would like to talk to a past Gi2C intern, please email us at

Gi2C has been an internship provider in China since 2008 and has become a leader in the internship industry. Gi2C’s goal is to help students and young professionals not only safely get into China without falling prey to any scams but also to help them understand China and Chinese business culture. Gi2C provides tailor-made opportunities for interns to work for a variety companies in multiple industries based in China. For more information, visit their website:

Marketing Your Dentistry Online

Marketing Your Dentistry Online

Traditionally dentists relied on offline marketing and word of mouth to promote their businesses, the issue with this now is that the world is changing in terms of the way people engage with providers of services and dentists are no exception to this. Online marketing for dentists is something that is crucial for the success of dental practices everywhere, and today we will talk more about how and why your dentistry should have an online presence.


Why go online?

One of the most compelling arguments for marketing your dentistry online is that dentists in general usually have clients from their local area. As a result of this people that seek out dental services are usually searching within a very specific area.

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Usually there will only be a small number of competitors in a specific area, so it is important to market your business to be noticed online. This is especially the case because people are primarily using the internet to find services, so if yours doesn’t have a presence there then it is almost certain that you will have no customers with the direction that services are being found.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and this is a fundamental service that dentists should be using to get exposure in their local area. Above we talked about the importance of having a presence online so that people can find you, SEO is the way to help you rank higher with search engines.

There are various techniques and these are split into on page and off page factors. The resulting effects of SEO are not immediate and good sustainable SEO can take six months or more to really have an affect and get you the ranking that you want.


Reviews are becoming increasingly popular in helping people to decide on which services that they should use. When you think about services yourself naturally you go online to find reviews about a particular organisation to see if others would recommend them. Of course it makes sense to have some sort of presence in this way yourself. The biggest challenge is actually getting people to leave a review and there are two ways that you can achieve this, the first is by providing an exceptional level of customer service and the second is by providing some form of incentive to leave a review. Why not offer a discount off that person’s next visit to your practice?