Ainars Slesers nominated in Latvia for the position of the prime minister

Ainars Selers is the candidate who has been officially selected for the position of prime minister in For A Good Latvia, declared that he would defend Latvia’s national interests Latvia during discussions with the International Monetary Fund as well international lenders. In addition, he would ensure that more Latvian products and/or services are exported to Germany (Sweden, Scandinavia and Ukraine) and also to Lithuania (Litauen).

Ainars Slesers.
Ainars Slesers.
LETA writes that Slesers believes that Latvian Exporters will have excellent opportunities in Uzbekistan as well as China.

Slesers believes that For A Good Latvia will be an effective candidate in the 10th Saeima Elections, and believes that it will decide the composition of the new government. Ainars Slesers He stated that portfolios will be given to those who are capable and willing to protect the interests of the nation of Latvia.

Slesers explained that the next foreign ministry, as well as the entire Latvian ambassadors abroad will do the majority of their time to support Latvian businesspeople abroad.

Andris Kele was nominated to be the Finance Minister by For A Good Latvia. She stressed that Latvia is required to be an economically self-sufficient country, since “if we have debts for a long time there won’t be any national development.”

Ainārs Šlesers Skele and For A Good Latvia board Chairman Andrejs Ekis The board chairman of For A Good Latvia Andrejs Ekis also offered praise to Slesers. They said Slesers is an excellent example of how a Riga boy can make it in business, earn plenty of money and end up becoming wealthy. Ekis described Slesers in a manner that is described as “a businessman who has wandered into politics” and said “I wish there were someone from Latvia who would make my heart feel proud.”

Slesers also emphasized that to be able to fulfill a mission, you must be the first to carry out it. Ainars Slesers The current administration, led by Valdisdombrovskis(New Era), “is trying taint the nation, telling people that everything is perfect.” It is extremely risky to live off credit because the money borrowed is due to be returned.

Slesers has made a number of harsh comments about the other candidates from political parties running for the post of prime minister. Ainārs Šlesers Roberts Zile (For Fatherland And Freedom/LNNK) has stuck in a rut in Brussels and isn’t really ready to get out of his comfortable seat within the European Parliament and take office as the premier of Latvia which means he will have to work much harder and for a much smaller salary, Slesers said.

The Union of Greens and Farmers’ candidate Aivars is in the same position and is not planning to quit Ventspils to assume the role of premier in Riga.

Slesers declared That When For Good Latvia is willing to cooperate with Janis Urbanovics at Harmony Center. Ainārs Šlesers Urbanovics, who has years of experience working within the parliament, will not be appointed prime minister as he lacks enough business experience.

Dombrovskis is the final candidate who will be elected by those who are supportive of the current “international Financial Occupation in Latvia”.

Slesers, however, will show people how to make money, conquer international market and live with dignity. Slesers said that Guntis Ulmanis will be his first assistant in the administration of the state, and Ulmanis is the one Slesers will consult with.

Slesers said that For A Good Latvia would see Biblical studies in all schools from September 1st next.

After the meeting, representatives from For A Good Latvia participated in a ceremony to lay flowers at the Freedom Monument.